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day 04 - a song that makes you sad

A lot, and I mean A LOT of songs make me sad. I kind of fucked up, because all of my songs for the "your favorite song" day were... songs that make me sad.  I ultimately decided on this song because it... I don't know.  It holds memories for me.  It's a good song by a good band, check it out!

So, we've missed two weeks of school for this snow.  They still haven't called off tomorrow, yet the roads are coated in a sheet of ice and around three inches of snow are still lingering.  I don't wanna get ready for school when I know that in the morning, they'll call it off :(  I mean, yeah, I should shower tonight whether I have to go to school tomorrow or not... but I don't want to spend two hours straightening my hair for no reason.

PS I can't find my book bag.  It's a duffel back with hot pink and black zebra stripes.  How does one lose something like that?!


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