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msgrottesca's Journal

Miss Grottesca
Farra here! You may have seen me hopping around various icon, celebrity news, and fanfiction communities. If you want to add me, go right ahead, but don't add me if you're only looking to boost your own friend count! :D I like to make friends and acquaintances, so holla back!
Angel, Buffy, Dancing badly, David Bowie, Dir en grey, Fight Club, Graphic novels, Horror manga, Icons, Italian horror, Lady Gaga, Malice Mizer, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Recording, Singing, Supernatural, The Cure, Train Spotting, Visage
People who can't view things objectively, Movies and music that are pretentious when they have no right to be, Scary movies that aren't scary, Purple prose (be it in fanfiction or in an actual book), lots of other things. . .
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